Aimed At You: Like, A Million Alligators EP released

Aimed At You 2017 Like, A Million Alligators

Johannesburg, South Africa: Following on from the band’s single launch of ‘Drink Deep’ in March, Aimed at You has brought out their debut EP titled Like, A Million Alligators. This collection of six renowned on-stage tracks gives the listener a true helping of what the band is about, and the same energy that they bring to the stage is carried across in this delivery. Like, A Million Alligators is also an ode to Lionel Cawood, one of the founding members, who has recently departed from the band in order to pursue new adventures abroad.

“The EP is mostly a farewell to Lionel. We have always kind of known that he is going to leave and it became a reality this year. It lit a fire under our asses to get something tangible out before one of the godfathers of the band left our shores”. ~ Mike Pierce (drums, Aimed at You)

“I have always said the thing about Aimed at You is: the band has always been there; it just needed the right individuals to fill the shoes. With this group of kids that’s in it, I’m not only proud of the music thus far but of what’s to come. Very happy with this”. ~ Lionel Cawood (guitar, Aimed at You)

The Dirtiest Classy Stripper

The band has a truly unique sound, including a myriad of vocal styles between the two vocalists; the cheekiness onstage carries over to the recording perfectly. When talking about the tracks themselves, there are always interesting discussion points which arise, whether they be inspired by Dr Who (Bowties are Cool) or whether they bring to mind the dirtiest classy stripper (Shazaam).

“The inspiration for the songs came from pretty much all of our collective musical backgrounds. Some of us like Flamenco, others Thrash Metal. It was this entire bag of randomness, influence and randomness, that brought forth the tracks”. ~ Lionel Cawood

“It is like Hans Solo stroking your own Wookie, Urghhhhhhhhh, hahaha, splat”. ~ Ian Gertenbach (guitar, Aimed at You)

The significance of The Alligators and pecan nut cookies

Based on the uniqueness of the band, one would expect the title to be clouded in randomness and it does not disappoint.

“So, this one time at Band Camp, we played Cards Against Humanity. The card came out and the next day, when we were sober, we decided that it still really seemed like a good idea to name our album after a Cards Against Humanity card. For any reference, the question was ‘What did America drop for the Afghan children?’ And the answer was, ‘Like, a million alligators'”. ~ Sam MacKintosh (vocals, Aimed at You)

“Also the acronym is LAMA and Llamas are fantastic, well technically it is one ‘l’ short, but f*&k it, who cares”. ~ Ian Gertenbach

Although September 21 marks ‘Pecan Cookie Day’, there is no specific significance to the shared release date here, although there is for it being World Gratitude Day.

“It is World Gratitude Day! We are very grateful to have something come out and emulating Douglas Adams, in the sense that we set a deadline and waved at it as it went by”. ~ Mike Pierce

The art of recording

Like, A Million Alligators was recorded at Sordid Studios by Dave Dippenaar, also the drummer for the Groove Metal band PSordid. The preparation and work that went into it by the band made it an enjoyable experience for all parties.

“Probably the best part was how easy it was to work with the band. Nobody came in unprepared. I set the metronome and they could all play to it. The thing is, editing flaws is something that every engineer needs to do and doing it in time with something makes it much easier to spot something that is wrong. It is probably the most important thing I could ever drill into everyone’s minds, play to a frigging click”. ~ Dave Dippenaar (Sordid Studios)

The team turned out the EP in four months, even with a few interruptions in recording in between.

“Dave said at the beginning of the recording process, recording can be a stressful process for everyone involved and I can speak for everyone here; this recording process was not stressful at all and really, really fun”. ~ Mike Pierce

“I honestly think of the six or seven bands that I have had through my studio this is definitely my favourite thus far”. ~ Dave Dippenaar

What the fans can expect

“Like one of our songs says; ‘watch them expectations, son’. Don’t expect anything specifically from this band. Just come in and enjoy it. To the fans, keep coming to shows”. ~ Sam MacKintosh

“And remember, always bring a towel”. ~ Mikey Hawtrey (bass, Aimed at You)

With this being a farewell project, all the tracks are made freely available for download on the Aimed at You official BandCamp page.

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