Algeria’s Lelahell release documentary film

Lelahall 2012 press

Algiers, Algeria: Death metal band Lelahell have released a documentary film visiting the band’s history and tracing the steps of the Algerian metal scene right to it’s earliest roots with the first ever heavy metal concert in the 1990s. The film naturally revolves around a central interview with Lelahell writer/composer, Redouane ‘Lelahel’ Aouameur, and various people with whom he has worked since the earliest days of Algerian heavy metal activity. It includes a look at the many bands which Redouane has participated in over the years, the Lelahel festivals, and other activities which led him to the establishment of Lelahell as a band in 2010. Detailing a timeline, the film’s title is mostly suitable as being Highway To Lelahell.

In the documentary, guest interviewees include current and former band members of these various projects which represent the veterans of the Algerian metal scene. From their interviews, they offer some opinions and advice on the current state of the Algerian metal scene and which are applicable to any developing scene in any country.

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