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Alinea 2017 Delineation

Cape Town, South Africa: masterminded by one Ramone Pickover, a prominent alternative musician in the city, Alinea appeared on the map late in 2016 with a social media page. Yet, just one year later, we find ourselves talking about Delineation, a debut full-length album releasing this very weekend.

Moreover, Alinea will be hosting a live launch at ROAR Live in Cape Town. Fellows in heavy and a little more of the progressively inclined, With Dawn and Ohgod, will join the live event where physical copies will be on sale. A digital release will also activate (iTunes, Bandcamp) on 18 November, although fans who purchased the pre-order via Ruru will have it tomorrow.

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Delineation, and a dose of ‘Progressive Djent Reggae Punk’

Or “Djunga”, as Ramone likes to call it. The band wished to fuse the sometimes contrasting influences of its core members, and to bring something unique and pleasing to the local scene. The line-up is strong, and shows through in the level of musicianship contained in the songs. Members include from among the likes of Ill System, Arc Reactor, Black Moscow and Damnatia.

“It was a concept that had been brewing within me for a long time. So, once Arc Reactor disbanded, I had time to search for the perfect musicians to begin this project. The goal was to not have limits with song writing or limiting ourselves to a single genre”. ~ Ramone Pickover (drums, Alinea)

Ramone describes the piecing together of the band as coming together like a puzzle of perfectly matched misfits, ironic as that may sound. Though this might make sense once the album reaches public ears!

And so the “Djunga” description delivers, for the most part. The band is pretty heavy; far more so than not, with the reggae breaks or even punk sensibilities being pretty sparse. Though they’re in there for those who seek them. Every now and again – and in pleasing fashion, I’d say – a little jive catches the ear off guard. Things like that are nice when well executed. Mostly, however, the djenty-progressive vibes are certainly most dominant alongside the metal influence. No complaints here.

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What’s life without a little risk?

An interesting aspect of the album is that we’ve been told it was also created with in mind to be consumed as a continuous play-through; as opposed to a series of tracks to be enjoyed in isolation of each other? Such concepts are not unheard of, even in South Africa, although are a little less usual of full length albums. Perhaps even a little risky, because… do people still listen to music that way in this fast-paced society?

Yet most of these tracks are really strong as standalone items too. The music is certainly interesting enough, with plenty of hooks and juxtapositions. Vocal dynamism between clean and growl seems really well proportioned, complete with harmonies and layers. Sometimes, between the delightful bouts of weirdness, protrude a few riffs which may even be deemed a little “cliche”; though live, I’m sure will go down an absolute treat. The mix and mastering are another product out of the hands of Louis Henn at Burning Tone Studios, and suitably to par.

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Live launch, Saturday 18 November at ROAR Live

And having mentioned riffs that may go down a treat to a live audience, with no further ado: Alinea, live this weekend! The band’s original strategy was to not appear live until the album launch – which we know didn’t quite pan out, since Alinea supported With Dawn at that band’s Tethys EP launch in May – and that day has come. For full event details, take a gander at the official facebook event page.

“Next for the band is to work on album number two, and to play bigger shows. We want to play only sporadically so to ensure people see us as a rare creature that seldom appears. But when we do, it’ll hopefully blow them away, wanting more”. ~ Ramone Pickover

So there you have it. If you enjoyed any of the three singles released to date then don’t miss the live launch, as it might well be months before another opportunity comes knocking. For those of you too far away to attend, visit iTunes and Bandcamp to purchase a digital copy, or physical copies exclusively through Raru.

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