All We’ve Known: Human Nature EP released

All We've Known 2016 Human Nature artwork

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: local metal band All We’ve Known take Melodic Metal and blend it with elements of electronic music and Hardcore. On 03 May, their debut release arrived in the form of an EP titled Human Nature, consisting of five well-compiled tracks. The initial release is only available in digital, but the band tells us that hard copy albums will also become available closer to when the band is ready to tour again. With All We’ve Known located in the relatively isolated city of Port Elizabeth, we wanted to hear a little more about the delightfully textured production they have achieved with Human Nature.

“Its been such a rewarding experience. We started recording it in August last year, planning to have it done for release at our first Cape Town shows in December. We unfortunately weren’t able to avoid certain obstacles which slowed the process down and so we decided to not rush it and rather try to make it into something special.” ~ Dill Jones (Guitar, All We’ve Known)

Mastered in Cape Town by Keith Farquharson at Sugarfoot Mastering, Dill credits Scott and Cayleigh Zambonini at Space Brother Productions for their assistance with producing the EP. The two are known from their own former band Seeds Of Cain.

“I personally think they are two of the most talented producers and musicians Port Elizabeth has to offer. I can honestly tell you it would have not come out sounding anything close to what it does had we not had their guidance, not to mention the fact that they truly went the extra mile for us.” ~ Dill Jones

In describing the band’s approach to songwriting, Dill tells us that All We’ve Known have never claimed to be the heaviest band in the genre and would never want to.

“We love the dynamic that samples and clean vocals can add to a performance even though we are all generally fans of ‘heavy’. We can’t wait for people to hear our Human Nature. We’re proud of it. Its heavy at certain parts, its lighter at others, and we think the messages we’re bringing to the table in our songs are very relatable.” ~ Dill Jones

The stunning Human Nature cover artwork was created by another Port Elizabeth resident, artist and photographer Simon Subrosa, who has also created artwork and graphics for other local bands such as Mezzanine Floor.

All We’ve Known entered the live scene only in early 2015, playing mostly locally and developing the material for Human Nature. Apart from an intercity tour to Cape Town last year, the band have joined two shows in the Eastern Cape with Cape Town’s Set For The Sky in support of the Eastern Cape leg of that band’s tour. Dill also mentions getting back to Cape Town and doing a first trip to Johannesburg are a high priority in the coming months. In the meantime, All We’ve Known offer up Human Nature for free download via data storage/distribution website Mega, or stream it via youtube.

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