All We’ve Known: ‘Perfect Disguise’ single just released

All We've Known 2017 Dissidence

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: strongly nominated in this year’s SAMMA celebrations, All We’ve Known continue to make an impression. All We’ve Known released it’s new single ‘Perfect Disguise’ yesterday, and which also represents the first taste from a full length album titled Dissidence due later this year. The band’s debut EP, Human Nature, received a nomination under the Best Metal EP category for releases in 2016.

“We chose ‘Perfect Disguise’ to be the preview of ‘Dissidence’ as it was heavy and riff driven, and we felt had a really good vibe about it. It was also the first song that our new guitarist Shaun Manley had any writing involvement on and we think the solo speaks for itself. We’re excited about what he is able to bring to the new music. To us it was just a natural favorite.” ~ Dill Jones (guitar, All We’ve Known)

“‘Perfect Disguise’ gives a good idea of the heavier direction the album is going while still keeping with our original sound of synth elements and occasional clean vocals. The lyrics set the background idea of the entire album, and are also what led us to deciding on the title ‘Dissidence’; which means going against official policy”. ~ Shaun Manley (guitar, All We’ve Known)

Space Brother Productions

As with Human Nature, the work in it’s entirety is being done with the assistance of Space Brother Productions. Also locally based, the band is thrilled about having an opportunity to work closely with Scott Zambonini and company. We caught a few words from him too:

“We’ve built up a solid relationship over the last few years. We started in 2015 with a single and had such a good time that we were back two months later for the ‘Human Nature’ EP. The band got good exposure to the studio environment and recording workflow during those sessions, which has started to show in the pre-production for ‘Dissidence’. We ended up hiring Dill and Shaun as assistant engineers at the studio which really helps out with the recording/tracking phases. Then you have Cayleigh who is an editing beast. I have mixed quite a variety of genres over the last few years, so getting to combine the electronic elements with the solid riffs and breakdowns is a pleasurable challenge. Its always great to hear your mixing growing in-line with the bands progressive musicality and we feel that this album will showcase just that. ~ Scott Zambonini (producer/engineer, Space Brother Productions)

All We’ve Known are expecting to release Dissidence before the end of 2017. However, they’ve also promised more preview material before then with another single and perhaps more. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the lyric video and album artwork created by guitarist Shaun Manley.

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