All Will Fall to melt faces in Gauteng

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Bloemfontein, South Africa: post-hardcore holds a bastion of strength in the heartland with All Will Fall, established since as far back as 2006. This week, the band prepares itself for the 400Km trek to Gauteng where they will participate in the national celebration of The Metalist‘s birthday Facemelt Fest at Rumours Lounge on Saturday.

“We will be reuniting with old pals and hoping to make some new friends as well! We always love playing with and seeing the guys in Legions Ablaze and Red Helen. I think the only bands on the line-up we haven’t seen before is Nerve Zero and Deadline, so looking forward to that.” ~ Pedro Jardim (drums, All Will Fall)

With the better part of eleven years on them, All Will Fall have certainly done their rounds in the Gauteng area and other parts of the country. Though, coming from a city where it’s own scene has been very touch-and-go over the years, it has been unsurprisingly challenging for the band. In spite of many crowing moments on stage, Pedro places emphasis on the band’s greatest achievement so far… is their survival.

“We have so many moments to choose from! But I would have to say that what makes me proud is not just one moment; it is sticking it it out through thick and thin, just friends making memories along the way.” ~ Pedro Jardim

Notwithstanding Pedro’s modesty, All Will Fall have completed a number of their own headline tours through parts of South Africa, enjoyed a few sponsorships, and played at a number of festivals including RAMfest in 2013 with international headliners Bring Me The Horizon and Rise Against.

“Being from Bloem is a huge uphill battle! So many challenges that comes with it like all gigs being far away, transport not being easy, difficult to save up money as a band, travel away from family a lot. But with that being said, we always try our best to play every show we get the opportunity for! This uphill battle hasn’t stopped us and I think we’ve done pretty okay for a band from bloem.” ~ Pedro Jardim

And the momentum does not stop there. In between gigs and real life, the band have spent the last two years writing and recording on an album. Pedro remains elusive as to when it can be expected for release, but he tells us hopefully soon.

“Really proud of this one and it sounds killer!” ~ Pedro Jardim

Watch All Will Fall live at Rumours Lounge on the Main Stage at 20h15 this Saturday for Facemelt Fest. Follow the official facebook event page for more details.

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