All You Need Is Speed: latest single from Ruff Majik

Pretoria, South Africa: accompanied by a suitably bizarre lyric video, Ruff Majik delivers its latest single with ‘All You Need Is Speed’. The band has climbed swiftly in the ranks of global relevance as a South African export and continue to make us feel very proud. It’s good to see that in the Covid-19 era they seem undaunted and remain productive.

All You Need Is Speed

This latest song makes up the first preview of Ruff Majik‘s next album, The Devil’s Cattle. When asked about the context of the song:

“Sometimes you just want to drive really fast and get wasted on the cheap stuff.” ~ Johni Holiday

And that’s it from the horses mouth! About as cryptic as the lyrical content which you can enjoy in the video. The Devil’s Cattle is coming later this year via Mongrel Records, to follow up on Ruff Majik‘s outstanding 2019 Tårn album release.

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Ruff Majik 2020 All You Need Is Speed

Ruff Majik formed as a three-piece in 2012 in the Lydenburg area before relocating to Pretoria. In 2015 the band released its first recording and began to gain traction on the live scene, rising rapidly in popularity with a unique sludge/doom/rock n roll aesthetic. By 2018 and 2019, Ruff Majik hit the European festival scene and continues to gain traction abroad.