Anarchy bridging the Mediterranean from Egypt to Spain

Anarchy - Spain

Progressive metal from Egypt is making it’s way onto European stages from today as Anarchy kick off their Spanish tour.

Anarchy are proving to be one of Egypt’s more enterprising metal acts, alongside the likes of Scarab, who are reaching out to territories beyond their home country’s borders. Last year, Anarchy became the first Egyptian metal band to make the pilgrimage to the lower region of their continent to play in South Africa. There, they performed an extensive gigging roster throughout most major urban centers along with South Africa’s own Maximum Carnage (to appear at WinterFest’14), and enthralled local metal enthusiasts with their unique and distinguished sound. The tour opened many eyes to the existence of a strong North African metal scene, and established a greater sense of metal unity between the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the African continent.

“I hope that I make good friends there (in Europe) and open the roads and contacts for other bands as well. That’s one of the main goals; to break the barriers. We feel an obligation to all bands and friends; to never forget a friend.” ~ Adham Kafafy (vocalist, Anarchy)

Anarchy open the tour tonight (10 July) in Barcelona with their explosive progressive sound, featuring hard-hitting riffs and surprisingly easy-on-the-ear technicality with the most mystical vocals. Joining them tonight are Spanish locals Riot Of Violence with their melodic death metal sounds, and Diabolika bringing some thrash to the mix. The tour will also visit Madrid, Salamanca, and Estepona in the following days. For day-to-day updates on the bands movements, follow Anarchy at their official facebook page.

From us at metal4africa, we wish the band best of luck for a successful and safe journey!

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