Another offering from the mysterious Die Dood

Die Dood 2016 Die See In

Cape Town, South Africa: the enigmatic atmospheric black metal-inspired project Die Dood has returned with another release this week. Die See In, which in Afrikaans alludes to being “Into The Sea”, features two new songs. This time, however, there is a notable departure from what has become to be thought of as a tradition which previous releases such as 2015’s Offerwaters have suggested at, as instruments such as guitar and drums find their way into the music. We contacted the artist to learn about why this is; and were invited into his creative space where body, mind, and spirit co-exist:

“Before Die Dood, I was doing black metal for a long time. I needed to get away from that and cleanse myself of a lot of things that influenced me and directed my path. I started Die Dood as a new beginning. Die Dood can do anything it wants. Any genre or style. I do not want to be chained or confined. There must be freedom. A wild animal kept in captivity does not do well. What I make depends on my own personal state and mood at the time of writing and I must allow myself to express my natural creative musical behaviour.

I was doing various ambient meditative stuff for a while now and I feel myself moving back to black metal again. Or at least to a medium between the two for now. You might be able to hear that in this demo. It is all very symbolic regarding my current personal musical journey. Once black metal has taken hold of you, it does not let you go. It will always be a rock from which my music can dive and resurface for air. I perform all the instruments myself, write all the music myself, record it all myself and I mix it all myself. There is a creative purity in that I like to explore and I plan to make more black metal to the nature of this demo in the near future.” ~ Man van Geheim (writer/composer, Die Dood)

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