Antithetic Records Launches Fundraiser for Wildernessking Album

On Friday, US label Antithetic Records initiated a fundraiser for the Wildernessking double vinyl release of The Writing of Gods in the Sand.

Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand CD art by Reuben Sawyer

Let’s face it, times are tough. Especially when it comes to running a small record label. We’ve had some really great releases so far, but when sales start to slow, so does our future release schedule! In an effort to continue as planned with our vinyl releases in 2012, we are going to try something a little different. Instead of the traditional pre-order with contests, etc. we are running this fundraiser.

We’ve got a funding goal, a deadline, and some awesome incentives for donators at many different price points!

Donations to the fundraiser are also considered preorders and vary from a digital download of the album to a monster package including the Deluxe 2xLP album (with art by Murray Fraser), CD, Digital Download, T-shirt AND a numbered test press of the album (limited to fifteen copies, four of which are gone already).

First up is the Double LP vinyl edition of the critically acclaimed Wildernessking debut – “The Writing of Gods in the Sand”. Right now, we are planning to press 300 copies (100 black, 200 colored). The packaging will be what you’ve come to expect from Antithetic Records. Heavy weight gatefold jacket, two sided printed insert, and a poster featuring the CD cover art from Rainbath Visual.

100% of the money raised here will be put toward the production of this vinyl set. Truth be told, it will cost a fair amount more than our $3,500 goal, but if we can make that much, we will be comfortable with going forward with the pressing. If/when we reach the goal, I will contact everyone via email who will be getting a shirt and a copy of the vinyl for your color/size preference.

The album received a glowing review here on Metal4Africa and we would love to see it released on vinyl. If you have some cash to spare and want to support quality metal coming out of South Africa, please take some time to visit the Antithetic Page and make a donation to the cause!

Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand Gatefold LP by Murray Fraser