Architecture of Aggression: full discography

Architecture of Aggression

Pretoria, South Africa: today we cast thoughts back to a mighty force within the local Death Metal ranks, Architecture of Aggression. Probably the band’s most notable trait – apart from being uncompromisingly heavy – was the dismantling of the idea of organized religion. This was taken beyond only the realm of music, as it included artistic expression in tangible form too, using irony and satire; such as the creation of hymn sheets for Architecture of Aggression songs and the organization of shows like Rock Against Religion in 2007, which caused considerable fluster in non-secular circles.

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This tirade culminated in the band’s final release; the full length 2010 album titled Acts of God: 4000 Years of Phallusy. Of course, religion was never Architecture of Aggression‘s only target. Politics also invited ridicule, as displayed in the band’s only other full length album, the 2006 Democracy: Consent to Domination.

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Full digital discography finally available

We’re talking about Architecture of Aggression today, in spite of the group having disbanded some years ago, to note that its full discography is available digitally for the first time only now in 2018.

It includes:
Under Destruction (1997) – demo
Architecture of Aggression (1999) – demo
Cruci-fiction (2000) – demo
Manifest of Destiny (2004) – EP
Democracy: Consent to Domination (2006) – album
Acts of God: 4000 Years of Phallusy (2010) – album

All of this is available at Bandcamp.

Who was Architecture of Aggression?

Architecture of Aggression was the brainchild of brothers Van Zyl (guitars, vocals) and Anton Alberts (drums, vocals); joined by bassists Brian Liebenberg during the demo days, Nardus de Lange (also played with Shadowlord) for Manifest Destiny, and then by William Bishop (solo artist and Fuzigish) for the latter releases.

The band formed in 1995 and persisted until 2011 where live activity seemed to halt. This seems to coincide with a shoulder injury of drummer Anton, as well as Van Zyl’s newer band BloodBeast gaining momentum. Notwithstanding, Architecture of Aggression proved to be one of South Africa’s most consistent Metal bands, spanning approximately seventeen years of activity. Only two other local acts have topped this as we know, with Agro and SacriFist both having started in about 1993 and exceeding twenty years of service to local metallers.

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