Atlantic South: first single ‘Consequences’ from new EP

Atlantic South 2017 Consequences

Cape Town, South Africa: having been a little on the quiet side in recent months, Atlantic South comes back, guns blazing, with it’s latest single ‘Consequences’ in tow.

“With regard to the song we want people to interpret the song however they deem fit, but will no doubt get the idea. We were in a bit of a ‘pissed off’ frame of mind at the time as some of us were experiencing some adversity. It was all a bit of a blur…” ~ Gareth Howard (guitars, Atlantic South)

What’s more is the accompanying announcement of ‘Consequences’ as being merely the first taste from a 5-track collection set to arrive in September, taking the form of an EP titled Fall In Line. The artwork presented for the announcement of Fall In Line today was created by illustrator (and musician) Christi du Toit, depicting a somewhat metallified rendition of the band’s standard wolf insignia.

Fall In Line will be the metal band’s first follow up to it’s self-titled Atlantic South EP in 2015, and is the first released material to feature it’s new guitar virtuoso Charles Knighton-Pullin (formerly of Sabretooth). The play-through video for ‘Consequences’ was created with assistance from Juiced Robot.

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