Atlantic South: ‘I’m Not Done’ single out now

Atlantic South 2017 I'm Not Done

Cape Town, South Africa: nearly two years have passed since Atlantic South released its self-titled debut EP. With a first new single, ‘Consequences’, unveiled in June, the band is on its way to a second EP release before year end. Even more so today as ‘I’m Not Done’ rings like a warning to any who would doubt the band’s conviction.

Atlantic South eager to share ‘I’m Not Done’

The newest track arrived with a unanimous decision by the band mates: this had to be the next single to be shared in advance of the full release.

“We couldn’t wait for people to hear it. It’s got loads of the energy which you can expect from the rest of the tracks to come”. Gareth Howard (guitar, Atlantic South)

The song keep with Atlantic South‘s overriding theme of finding the positives in musical expression. ‘I’m Not Done’ speaks the truth of the band’s own story, as well as those of the individuals connected with it.

“This song is about pushing through dark periods. Despite what you go through, there is opportunity for bettering the situation you are in”. Gareth Howard

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