Atlantic South: new song, EP release and tour planned

Atlantic South press 2014

Metalcore in Cape Town is seeing a much needed positive injection lately with Atlantic South at the forefront of the current uprising. Having released two tracks in the months prior to their performance at metal4africa‘s SummerFest’15, the band has now stepped forward with another track from their forthcoming EP with ‘By The Tempest’.

“Simply put, this song is about foundations. Whether it be your friends or your family, the foundation needs to be strong. Life can be quite harsh sometimes and if you don’t have the support structures it can tear you apart fairly easily with storm-like force. This song has strong personal meaning for me as there have been many occasions where I wouldn’t have been able to get through something if it wasn’t for my friends and family. I am truly grateful for them.” ~ Luke Edwards (vocals, Atlantic South)

With the band’s self-titled debut EP almost ready, the band are talking about a release date to be set for the end of May or early in June. In the meantime, Atlantic South will be embarking on their first tour to Bloemfontein to appear at Fracture Fest‘s Scream Your Heart Out event on 9 May alongside some of the nations finest names in the sub-genre: Facing The Gallows and All Will Fall, along with fellow rising stars State Society, Only Forever, and Hope Heroes.

Visit the bands facebook page to keep in touch with the latest news and developments, or the event page if you are in or near Bloemfontein for Fracture Fest.

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