Banger Films makes it to Africa, at last!

The journey of a globe-trotting headbanger can only be complete once they’ve made a stop in Africa ~ at least, that’s what we at M4A say!

African Metal by Linda Evermore for M4A at Witchfest 2015

It has been ten years since Canadian film makers, Sam Dunn and Scot MacFadyen, set the hearts and imaginations of metalheads in every curve of the globe alight with their acclaimed A Headbanger’s Journey debut. When it surfaced that in 2008 the same Banger Films would release another film titled Global Metal, Africans from the Southern tip to the Egyptian North waited with baited breath to see if their scenes would get some coverage. Alas, Banger Films reached the Middle East and no further towards the “Dark Continent” at that time. Instead, the crew went on to deliver more films such as Iron Maiden: Flight 666 and the VH1 channel series Metal Evolution, among others, stamping their name as one of the most important players in international metal media. They are now headed South, we hope, to wrap up some unfinished business. We will soon welcome Banger Films to Southern Africa!

We went in pursuit of Witchdoctor Productions, of course, as being host to an event which appeared on facebook and the company being at the center of a lot of internationally-related happenings within our local scene during the last eighteen months. The presence of Banger Films in Southern Africa, however, is as much a mystery to them as it remains to the greater South African public at this time.

“I have very little detail on their other work or what they doing. They are here on a production shoot and literally have one spare day. They got hold of us and we began the process of setting up this event.” ~ Shaughn Pieterse (Witchdoctor Productions)

Witchdoctor Productions‘ sister company Iron Core Entertainment recently acquired Gauteng live music venue, branded as The Iron Tusk, will be host to a concert event on Wednesday 17 June called: Banger Films – SA METAL Documentary Filming Day (facebook link here). The event advertises performances by six South African bands, including: Boargazm; Demogoroth Satanum; SacriFist; AGRO; Terminatryx, and; The Drift.

In terms of the public idea that this event will be a strictly VIP affair, we were told:

“VIP only to the extent that we are trying to get all the people who have been involved with the scene from as far back as possible. But 450 tickets will be on sale to the general public at R80 per person as well.” ~ Shaughn Pieterse

As to the impact of what we are seeing with this news, and what this means not only to South Africans, but to metalheads all over the world, we asked Shaughn his opinion.

“It appears Witchfest got the SA metal message out pretty well. The international community are really interested in South Africa and Africa in general. There is still a lot of work to do before some of the bigger acts can come out, but we are moving in the right direction.” ~ Shaughn Pieterse

As metal4africa, we see this as a landmark achievement for local metal, and the start of a greater African presence in the global metal arena. We are watching with the greatest of interest and a feeling of what can almost be described as… relief.

Tickets are available via the Witchdoctor Productions web store at R80 per person.
True Believer members are invited to book via their membership at half price, R40 per person (more info)

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Photograph courtesy of Linda Evermore (full album)