Banger TV (Sam Dunn) conclude SA episodes

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Sam Dunn and the team at Banger TV (a product of Banger Films, creators of Metal: A Headbangers Journey [2005], Global Metal [2008], and many more) briefly visited South Africa in July 2015, managing to attend a midweek concert and to interview a few figures in the Johannesburg metal scene. They wanted to find out why the genre was growing in South Africa.

Three episodes were created from the visit with each focusing on the story of a particular individual within the scene. The final episode concluded this week at Banger TV.

Episode 01 visited Shaughn Pieterse of Witchdoctor Productions not long after his company had hosted the largest international all-Metal line-up in South African history, and inquired about challenges in the industry side of Metal in South Africa.

Episode 02 visited Heine Van Der Walt of South Africa’s currently most widely traveled metal band Boargazm at the family home, which incidentally also doubles up as the much beloved Wolmer Bush Lounge live music venue, to talk about the origins of his love for Metal and how Heine’s own ‘headbangers journey’ with Boargazm got started.

Episode 03 climaxes in a visit to Soweto to explore the fledgling growth of Metal within township life among young black South Africans, teaming Sam Dunn up with Modiba Rabothata of Demogoroth Satanum. The two discuss the integration and acceptance of a different kind of presence into a traditionally ‘white scene’ and vice-versa into ‘black township’ culture.

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