Become The Watcher: prelude to new album out now

Becoming The Watcher: Conflict Of Assimilation

Durban’s sledgehammer of guttural metal glory, Become The Watcher, have released the first single off of their upcoming Conflict Of Assimilation album. Titled ‘Falsifier’, the track also introduces a new member to the band as they prepare to begin work on the full length album. If it can be recalled, we focused on the inclusion of Robin Louw in a previous track released which seemed more of an experiment at the time (see article here).

“This is the start of a new journey for Become The Watcher as Robin Louw (ex-Beyond The Pale) joins us full time to double up the frontman fury. This is the first track showcasing our evolution.” ~ Paul Palmer (vocals, Become The Watcher)

The material has been recorded by the band themselves, as with their previous album Paradigm (see review here) at guitarist Rudi Greyvenstein’s own studio, since branded Velvet Underground.

“We’ll follow a similar vibe with the rest of the tracks. There will be a bit of a black metal vibe, but also maintaining the groovier aspects that we’re also into.” ~ Rudi Greyvenstein

With an eye-catching artwork delivered by local Durban artist Michael Dos Ramos, the band are set to destroy with the release of Conflict Of Assimilation somewhere towards the middle of the year. We’ll be keeping a finger on the pulse for further developments.

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