Benefit concert pays homage to loss of JHB musician

Don Juan Rossouw Insanity Unveiled

News reached the Gauteng and South African metal community on Tuesday 07 July that ‘DJ’ (Don-Juan) Rossouw, founding member and frontman for the up-and-coming death metal band Insanity Unveiled, had succumbed to illness. He leaves behind not only his brothers and sisters in metal and his band mates, but also a business, and his young son, as well as a legacy made evident by an outpouring of love as being an all-round stand-up guy to be widely missed.

“‘Rock out with you cock out!’ he’d always say. True to his words, DJ was always right in front supporting his fellow bands for twenty-odd years. He followed the careers of a lot of our local bands right from their beginnings until he fell ill.” ~ Jamie Zeederberg (benefit organizer)

But for those who survive him, life continues along with all of the challenges that go with it. Whilst DJ has been known to provide for his son through his business, recent medical expenses have gnawed into savings. For any whose lives had been touched by DJ, please be aware that a benefit concert has been set up to take place this weekend where funds will be raised to ease some of the immediate expenses attached to his passing, and to provide some relief to his son’s future. There is also an option to donate to the benefit for those who cannot attend.

“Besides his support for the music scene, DJ also donated to various organisations. He took people in when they had nowhere else to turn, and often hosted people’s birthdays and other social gathering at his own place over the years.” ~ Jamie Zeederberg

Returning in kind by offering performances to the benefit at the Iron Tusk in Newtown, Johannesburg this Saturday (25 July), are the bands: Posthumous, Diabolus Incarnate, Lesuth, Spectral Realm, Adorned In Ash, Bile Of Man, and Dark Matter in that order of appearance. The first band kicks off at 18h00 with live music continuing until approximately midnight. Full event details can be viewed, or inquiries placed at the official facebook event page.

DJ’s funeral service will be held at 13 Springs Road, Chrystal Park in Benoni at 12h00 on Saturday, with the benefit concert taking place that night as final send-off.

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