Betray The Emissary Are Stuck In ‘The Mires’

BTE the mires II

18-02-2014 has been the date imprinted on Betray The Emissary‘s Facebook page since Burning Tone Records announced not only the bands return to the scene after six years, but also welcoming Betray The Emissary into the labels roster. Today finally sees the release of ‘The Mires’, along with an amazing artwork, and heralds the long-awaited return of a band which was there even when was finding its feet. We caught up with one of the members to ask what this all means:

“I would have to say that, to the band, this release represents a pensive new beginning. After being away from ‘the scene’ and our listeners for so long, it’s hard to be confident about what they’re going to think of the new direction. For the most part, it took a new attitude from Daniel and myself to get things off the ground, and as a result we’ve really had to stay true to that whole ‘do it for you’ kind of mindset. At the end of the day we really couldn’t stand to not release these tracks. It also means we are back! And far from any delusions of grandeur, we are dedicated to a principle that we started with in 2006: Make damn sure that people get what they pay for when they come to watch us live, or buy a track, or an album…” ~ Gavin Marchbank (Guitarist)

The track also features guest vocals by Gavin Van Den Berg, vocalist for Your Name In Neon, based in Gauteng. The two bands have done a couple of shows together in years past, where a bond was formed. Check out the Betray The Emissary facebook page for regular updates, and Your Name In Neon‘s Facebook page for updates since they are also prepping for a follow-up album.

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