Betray The Emissary build it up with ‘Barriers’

Betray The Emissary - Barriers

Betray The Emissary from Cape Town have been hinting at a return to the live stage since more than a year ago after taking a long hiatus begun in 2011. Prior to that, the metalcore band had built a reputable name for themselves in the live metal circles and had also released a well-received album as early as 2008 titled In Memory Of Me. Whispers of a return first gained credibility in February 2014 with the release of a brand new single track ‘Mires’, which has since been followed up with another three releases; the latest of which appeared this week with ‘Barriers’ as build up to the bands long-awaited return to the stage. The show takes place this weekend at ROAR (see article here).

“We wanted to get listeners pumped for our upcoming show on Saturday, so we dropped ‘Barriers’. I don’t think we’ll release another for the remainder of the year.” ~ Gavin Clyde Marchbank (guitars, Betray The Emissary / vocals, Zampbies Ate My Girlfriend)

Gavin prefers to remain elusive as to meaning behind songs, despite our interrogation about ‘Barriers’.

“I try not to explain to listeners what the songs are about, because I fear it cages their own interpretation of the songs. In general I do my best to write lyrics that individuals can extract their own meaning from.” ~ Gavin Clyde Marchbank

We invite you to make your own assessment on the song here below, and hope to hear amazing reports on the show which celebrates the return of this well-loved band back to the live circuit (facebook event page).

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