Betray The Emissary: new album out now

Betray The Emissary 2016 TFOC out now

Cape Town, South Africa: melodic hardcore metallers Betray The Emissary have returned from hiatus with a new voice on vocals to deliver a follow-up album to their 2008 debut In Memory of Me full length with the 2016 The Fragility of Circumstance, released today via Burning Tone Records.

Whilst the new album is out, the months (and indeed, years) invested toward it’s eventual completion has begged the question of whether or not the band will continue, or if the release is merely a reflection of unfinished business. However, it appears that a spark of optimism has arrived along with the release as the band announced via social media:

“It’s a huge moment for us, and the last few weeks really have inspired us to move forward. We’re still not completely sure what the future of Betray The Emissary will be, but we’re confident there will be one.” ~ Gavin Marchbank (guitar) & Daniel Klopper (guitar), Betray The Emissary

Whilst The Fragility of Circumstance will become available via most major download platforms in due course, it is available as of today via Bandcamp and iTunes.

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