Betray The Emissary: new album update

Betray The Emissary 2016

Cape Town, South Africa: this legendary band which has been in all but hiatus for the better part of the last decade has been promising a follow up album to the 2008 debut with In Memory Of Me. Betray The Emissary offered one of Cape Town’s answers to the metalcore sounds which exploded in the second half of the 2000s with Johannesburg bands such as Facing The Gallows and The Dead Will Tell, and fellow locals Day Turns Night to mention only a few. With the coming album, their fundamental essence seems to remain the same, yet a move towards a more post-hardcore sound has emerged.

The news today is that the coming album, titled The Fragility of Circumstance, will feature a new voice with Louis Henn taking over on microphone duties. Louis Henn is a well-known entity in the Cape Town underground and extreme music circles, currently playing guitar for Megalodon, formerly playing guitar for Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, drums and vocals for My Shade, and previously also delivering vocals for Forever Will Burn. In adding to an already impressive portfolio, Louis is also the chief operator at Burning Tone Studio which has touched on many fantastic releases by South African bands, including all of the releases by Betray The Emissary to date.

“Louis has been with us from the start, or rather, we’ve been with each other from the start. Betray The Emissary‘s In Memory of Me was the first ever release from Burning Tone Studios.” ~ Gavin Marchbank (guitar, Betray The Emissary)

The latest offering will be further enhanced also by the teaming up of Heinrich Kollner with Louis at the Burning Tone Studio, joining once again the same team which delivered Infanteria‘s Where Serpents Conquer monumental 2015 album. The Fragility of Circumstance is reportedly very near to completion, and may even be ready for release before the end of 2016. Whilst in the meantime we wait with bated breath, Betray The Emissary have begun dropping some further breadcrumbs for fans to follow towards the inevitable full length release. See the latest one below.

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