Betray The Emissary return at last

Betray The Emissary gig

Betray The Emissary represent an iconic name in the Cape Town metal / metalcore scene of the last decade. Having emerged at around 2006 along with other bands suited to the sound, such as The Horror Cast and Day Turns Night, Betray The Emissary all but vanished from the scene at what appeared to be their peak after a final show on 16 April 2011. There have been numerous stirrings and musings from members over the years at the possibility of a return, even to the extent of a few new tracks being released within the last eighteen months (see original article here). Finally, a long-awaited gig date has been unveiled.

“Years just fly by when you’re doing Masters, and okes are getting married, and having babies… good grief!” ~ Gavin Marchbank (guitar, Betray The Emissary)

Betray The Emissary has been known in it’s time for providing a high caliber of entertainment for it’s audiences, even to the extent that Burning Tone Records took them on the minute it became apparent that the band was plotting a return. Gavin described the bands ambition as wanting to be on a par with what others on the label were currently presenting.

“There’s a mixture of excitement, concern, and panic in the Betray camp. We’ve obviously placed a lot of expectation on ourselves for this show, and for our return to the live scene. I guess we’re trying to stay relatively humble about the whole thing until we regain some footing” ~ Gavin

Of course, as is evidenced from three tracks which have been released in recent times, the band’s sound has changed somewhat since the 2008 In Memory Of Me album. Added to a replacement on the drummers throne with Joshua Haller stepping in, formerly of The Impalement Theory, Gavin (guitar) and Dane (vocals) have both been occupied with other projects such as Zombies Ate My Girlfriend (where Gavin is frontman) and Megalodon (where Dane drums) to mix things up a bit.

“Either way, we’re anxious to see how the new material sits with the live scene.” ~ Gavin

The show will take place at ROAR, 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory on Saturday 06 June 2015. Support will be provided by A Price On The King’s Head and Atlantic South.

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