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Betray The Emissary

South African headbangers who were kicking up a mosh pit in the live scene from 2006-2009 will definitely remember Betray The Emissary. Along with other acts at the time, such as The Horror Cast and Day Turns Night, Betray The Emissary spearheaded a whole movement in Cape Town of what we’ll call the modern contemporary sounds of metal; which bands such as Facing The Gallows, Legions Ablaze, Beseech The Enemy and Forgive Us Not and many more are continuing today.

Burning Tone Records, currently representing Wacken Metal Battle 2013 finalists Infanteria and a further two South African Wacken Metal Battle 2013 finalists, Megalodon and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, have just announced the return of Betray The Emissary to the spotlight. The band and record label have also promised new material to be released within days!

M4A wanted to explore a little into where the band has been over the last half-decade, since subtly disappearing from the scene in what appeared to be nearing their prime:

“We’ve been through so much of the usual stuff that guys our age go through, such as master’s degrees, weddings, babies, member changes, and so forth. Although, none of which were more debilitating than myself losing my way, in terms of music in general. I can’t really describe it any better than saying that the creativity in my head just sorta went quiet for a while.” – Gavin Marchbank (Guitarist)

Nonetheless, the band, which still consists of mostly original members, has been regaining power for quite some time now; as can be traced back via their Facebook timeline prior to today’s big announcement.

“After having been wrestled back from the brink by my band mates, we’re dead set on putting out good songs, and energetic live performances again. An album will be out this year, so stay tuned!” ~ Gavin Marchbank

Stream “Blood Retribution and a Quick Change of Clothes” from their debut album In Memory of Me… below:

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