Black Math: ‘Sunset’ on eve of Endless Daze

Black Math 2016 Sunset

Durban, South Africa: music lovers in South Africa and abroad have been trending towards the vintage for some years now, and the realm of heavy metal has also been touched by this phenomenon. Internationally, names like Denmark’s Volbeat and Sweden’s Ghost have led this charge along the more metal-inclined lines, and in South Africa it is closely evidenced with bands such as this city’s Black Math. The power threesome manage to bind sounds of rock ‘n roll, psychedelic, and elements of traditional heavy metal into an already eclectic mix of vintage sensibilities.

This week, Black Math have released a whopping 12:36 long track ‘Sunset’ from their forthcoming album expected at month’s end, and which will be an entirely self-produced affair. ‘Sunset’ displays the organic composure of the band’s musical style and ability with it having been recorded as a largely live take, with the exception of some overdubbing with guitars and vocals.

“This song is about sitting on top of a hill, waiting for the sun to set; when the sun sets, the song calms as it turns to night.” ~ Black Math (via social media)

Black Math have grown into an incredibly active staple across a broad base of entertainment events with their cross-genre appeal, fitting in comfortably at almost any style of live music showcase ranging from underground metal shows to popularized music festivals. They will appear live in Cape Town this weekend at the Endless Daze music festival, and any number of other shows across the country in the foreseeable future.

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