Bleeding Spawn: Hemorrhaging 2020 with ‘Pariah Attestant’

Middelburg, South Africa brutal death metal slammers Bleeding Spawn are releasing a new EP in 2020. Vocalist and bass player Dominic Vorster gave us a bit of a rundown on what they’ve been up to. It was to our astonishment that they weren’t collecting the remaining grey matter of a decapitated zombie or something.

Bleeding Spawn 2018
Bleeding Spawn, line-up

“This EP is titled ‘Pariah Attestant’. It’s based on the theme of the artwork that was done by our original artist Raymond Art, who did our first album…. ~Dominic Vorster (Vocals, Bass, Bleeding Spawn)

What is the meaning of this?

Slamming brutal death metal has encapsulated metalheads all over the world at a rapid rate. With anomalistically fastpaced drumming, hyper-aggressive guitar chugs, and monster sounding guttural vocals. ‘Pariah Attestant’ serves the slam fan base (slam base?) with a moderate-sized portion of these combined ingredients. We say moderate, as this EP contains three tracks. Fret not as there is more brutality on the way.

  • ‘Pariah Attestant’ Tracklist
    • Mutant Genetic X
    • Squirt C*nt Butchery (S.C.B)
    • Control Human Delete
Artwork for Pariah Attestant, New EP from Bleeding Spawn (Credit: Raymond Art)

“We have got some guest vocal spots on Periah as well. this will not be the only release for this year, only good things to come in 2020.” ~Dominic Vorster

Burning Tone on board

This will be the first release by the band to be engineered, mixed and mastered by Louis Henn of longstanding Cape Townian establishment, Burning Tone Studios. Their catalog is forever growing in the local market. A list of noteworthy, international quality releases includes Deadline, Rhakshah and Mind Assault more recently.

Bleeding Spawn are keeping us hungry

With the official release date under wraps, Bleeding Spawn has confirmed that accompanying the EP will be a music video which just means more slam to insure salivation, and involuntarily so. If you’ve missed out, be sure to check out Bleeding Spawn’s debut release “Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination”, available on your favourite streaming platforms.

Bleeding Spawn often holds a brutal metal festival titled “Spawn Fest”. Something to keep fresh in mind for your yearly metal intake. Read more here.