Bleeding Spawn single ‘Divide and Conquer’ released

Bleeding Spawn - Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination cover art

This little gem of horror-inspired-metal slipped past us last week, released on Friday the 13th by Middleburg brutal death metal band Bleeding Spawn. So, if you enjoy your metal the way you do your coffee – bitter, brutally strong, and a festering three days old – then celebrate now with a guttural holler, because here is a serving of the finest with ‘Divide and Conquer’! The good news is that Bleeding Spawn have released this track also to herald the imminent arrival of an album sometime early in the new year. It will be suitably titled Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination.

For the Middleburg-based band, completing an album from their relatively isolated location has proven quite the challenge, having recorded with Thomas Hughes (Haggis and Bong / Fuzigish) at his Sable Studios in Johannesburg.

“All recordings were done by booking in sessions of one weekend at a time. Loads of weekends were spent there doing as much as we could. It brings meaning to ‘blood, sweat, and tears'” ~ Dominic Vorster (bass guitar / vocals, Bleeding Spawn)

Dominic has told us that it will be a full length album, including detailed and atmospheric intros, and in his opinion, the first time that the band has recorded something which does Bleeding Spawn‘s live show it’s deserved justice. With ‘Divide and Conquer’ now offering a taste of things to come, we wanted to know more about what we can already hear and see:

“This song revolves around the popular topic of government. Its the one track on the album that is in a lower tuning than the rest of the album, and expresses what we feel about the government which a lot of people would relate to… from being boxed-in like sheep and being manipulated: the ‘Divide and Conquer’ title says it all.” ~ Dominic Vorster

With ‘Divide and Conquer’ comes the striking Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination artwork release to capture imaginations. Dominic describes how the initial drawing was done by Raymond Art in Indonesia, then coloured in by Rudi GoringSuicide, also from Indonesia. The same has delivered artworks to the likes of Skinned, Bleeding Corpse, Gore Infamous and others, establishing them firmly into the brutal death metal genre as suppliers.

“The artwork tells a story of scientists creating a war path between aliens versus robots versus zombies. By doing this, these humans try to understand the sociology of these creatures in order to become supreme. Bleeding Spawn are very inspired by classic horror, sci-fi and non-fiction, thus bringing an idea forward that we haven’t seen in South Africa yet.” ~ Dominic Vorster

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