Bleeding Spawn to melt faces in Durban

Bleeding Spawn band 2016

Middelburg, South Africa: we had some words with the blissfully brutal Bleeding Spawn as they prepare to deploy to Durban today. There, they will complete the force arrayed to celebrate in headbanging style with The Metalist at their birthday party marked by Facemelt Fest – the Durban installation being one of four hosted as a simultaneous festivity across the country. With the coastal city developing a reputation for being a hub of some of the most extreme music in recent years, Bleeding Spawn speak fondly of the region and it’s bands, like as if something of a homecoming:

“We have never seen The Overmind. They are great friends of ours and every time we had the opportunity to see them live, something came up; so this time we’re really amped to watch them for the first time. As for Theatre Runs Red and Desolation, these pals have been in our lives for long enough to be called family, so it’s always great catching up and getting trashed with them. Let’s maim Durban!” ~ Darius Wilken (guitar, Bleeding Spawn/Displeased Disfigurement)

Approaching their eight-year milestone, Bleeding Spawn is no stranger to most corners of this land. The band’s extreme edge has won it adoration from enthusiasts far and wide, resulting also in an international signing with CDN Records based in Canada, with a distribution deal for their recent 2016 album Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination (Brutal Gear in the USA and Rotten Music in Europe). Bleeding Spawn have toured South Africa with Italy’s Fleshgod Apocalypse in 2012, traveled to Cape Town with Canada’s Kataklysm in 2014, appeared as main support for Belgium’s Aborted, and played at landmark festivals such as Witchfest 2015 in Gauteng and RAMfest 2013 in Cape Town. To top it off, the band has also been declared ‘Best Death Metal Band’ for the years 2014 and 2016 of the SAMMA. All of this is very impressive for a band originating from what is regarded by locals as one of the country’s back-road towns, Middelburg.

“It hasn’t effected our opportunities at all. We feel that our location actually did the opposite, as we’ve been in demand for a long time. It does have its negatives as for traveling and distance goes, but we have never seen that as a cause to move; only a reason to dedicate ourselves more towards touring.” ~ Darius Wilken

With “the road” being something of a lifestyle to the band already, it comes then as no surprise that Bleeding Spawn already enjoys a significant following in Durban.

“We have played in Durban and it’s sister-town Pietermaritzburg a lot. We have a strong and very passionate fan base there, and playing there a lot helped to build us up. Since our first Durban show in 2012, we’ve always held KwaZulu Natal as a treasure for us.” ~ Darius Wilken

For those who may not yet have seen Bleeding Spawn live, don’t let their blatantly brutal demeanor have you fooled. It’s not all-serious all the time, as watching the band members’ facial expressions whilst focused on disciplining such an intensive barrage to coherency throughout an entire set can be quite entertaining in its own right; that is, if you’re not swept away in a circle pit, or too busy bashing your mates with the ‘LOGS OF BRUTALITY’ – a strange but fun signature of Bleeding Spawn which takes the form of a bunch pool noodles distributed at each show.

As for further and beyond, Darius tells us about the beginning of work on a new album once the band arrives back home, and planning for future tours in 2017. Exciting stuff for this band who seem to be full steam on an ever-upward trajectory. In the meantime, catch them live in Durban at The Winston Pub tomorrow night alongside a power line-up consisting of The Overmind, Your Cynical Sanity, Desolation and Theatre Runs Red. Visit the Facemelt Fest official facebook event page for more information.

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