Blinded: Persona release first Music Video

Persona Blinded video feat. Jelena Dobric

Tunis, Tunisia: We were introduced to the Tunisian metal band Persona earlier this year (see article here) with a sampler from their forthcoming debut album, Elusive Reflection. Today, the band have delivered an even more enticing hint at the imminent release with their very first music video for the song ‘Blinded’.

“We decided to start with a video for ‘Blinded’, because it’s the first song that we ever composed as Persona when we started the band back in 2012.” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa (lead guitar, Persona)

The lyrics are described as telling the story of being entrapped in an abusive relationship, but without realizing it. Melik describes the lyrical themes explored within the album as dealing with matters of the heart, including more about the darker sides of relationships.

“Then we have some songs like ‘Somebody Else’, ‘Forgotten’, ‘Torn’ and ‘Persona’ which are about exploring oneself’s personality and it’s multiple aspects, whether good or not. ‘Ageless’ and ‘The Sea of Fallen Stars’ are more abstract songs and their meaning can differ from each listener’s point of view, whereas the meaning of ‘Monsters’ is self explanatory: putting up with shitty people” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa

The video for ‘Blinded’ was a self-funded project shot in The Basement, a night club in the coastal town of Gammarth over two days. One day was spent shooting the band performance shots, with the assistance of their friends at Zoopolis TV. The second day focused on shooting the story with friends Hela Hammemi as actor, and Malek Ben Arbia (guitarist for Myrath) as director. Malek is also credited for all of the special effects and his assistance in editing.

“As you can see, this video wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many friends. We’re very thankful for their work!” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa

Release of the full album is coming soon, we are told. The band intend to release independently if they fail to attract label interest in the coming weeks.

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