Bloemfontein Warriors of Metal to see action

Warriors Pub Metal Circuit

Bloemfontein, South Africa: the capital city of the South African heartland, known otherwise as The Orange Free State, has seen it’s own ebb and flow in heavy metal activity over the years. However, locals in recent times have voiced despondency over availability of venues willing to host entertainment of the heavier ilk as being scant. One bastion of hope, however, remains standing strong!

The aptly named Warriors pub and grill, one venue still has balls enough to play host to Bloemfontein’s metallers. The venue, situated at the Bloemfontein Showgrounds off Curie Avenue, has previously hosted (amidst others) PeterFest; an event series which annually pays homage to the memory of a Bloemfontein musician, Peter Saffy (more here). It now opens it’s doors to other events on a more regular basis if the city so wishes for it. Coming up next is a new venture called Metal Circuit.

“I think Bloem is hungry for some death metal. I would really love to make this a regular affair, and it is time to put ourselves back on the map. Local bands also need the opportunity to gig again.” ~ Amanda Els (Metal Circuit, event coordinator)

Metal Circuit, and a taste for the extreme

Living up to Amanda’s vision in just a few weeks will be the trial run for some more extreme bands of the underground. The show includes Bile Of Man and Bloodbeast, both from Pretoria, and local Bloemfontein metal band Dreams Of Nightmares. The brutal trio will appear live at the Metal Circuit showcase on Saturday 05 September 2015. It will potentially lay the way for more similar nightlife adventures for Bloemfontein headbangers.

“If this could become more regular, I would also like to start catering for black metal fans and some other sub-genres like metalcore and hardcore, etc. The ultimate goal would be if this could become a big fest at the end of the day and we cater for all of the metal tastes in Bloem. It would be a dream come true!” ~ Amanda Els

Entrance is advertised at R40 per person, and to sweeten the pot, drinks specials include a ‘happy hour’ from 21h00 to 22h00; where Black Labels will be R10 and Double Olof Bergh & Coke for R18. The local music store, DV Village Music, has come aboard to help see this vision for underground local musicians to come to life. For more information and updates, follow the official facebook event page.

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