BloodBeast New Album Art by Internationally Renowned Artist

Bloodbeast out for blood

The cover art for the forthcoming BloodBeast album, Out For Blood, due for digital release at the end of 2014, was done by non other than the legendary Japanese painter and death metal artist/illustrator, Toshihiro Egawa Art, from Osaka, Japan!

Toshihiro Egawa’s reputation as a death metal artist/illustrator is well known in the extreme metal world having done cover art for bands like Cryptopsy (Canada), Krisiun (Brazil), Devourment (USA), Defeated Sanity (Germany), Lay Down Rotten (Germany) and Disfiguring The Goddess (US) to name but a few.

BloodBeast have claimed the honour of being the first African and South African band to have their album cover art designed by Toshihiro Egawa.

Out For Blood will be available via the bands Bandcamp page.

For more information on Toshihiro Egawa and his other works, visit his official website.