Boargazm Are Ready To Tease You

Pretoria self-proclaimed “swinecore” metal crew, Boargazm posted this little tid-bit to Facebook on Tuesday about their upcoming album The Baconing:


A rough translation of the Afrikaans reads as follows: “Do you have any idea how close we are to dropping the pork album? Just a bit of stuff here and there, but give it a week or two… then we can begin to tease.”

Boargazm recently returned from their tour to Kenya and performed in Ecuador last year. The followup to 2011’s The Aporkalypse continues the band’s delightfully bizarre concept about a race of space-faring pig men come to earth to enslave humanity! Stay tuned to for the latest updates about this hotly anticipated album!

Watch Boargazm‘s music video for “Lust” below: