Boargazm: final SA shows for 2015 before Russia

Boargazm live at Witchfest 2015

Planet Earth’s ‘pig whisperers’ and humanity’s last hope, Boargazm, will soon be leaving their country of South Africa for another trip abroad. But first, they are completing a final round of the home-based national circuit for 2015. Boargazm hit the road from Wolmer, near Pretoria, to Cape Town this weekend for a two-part showdown.

“These are the last two shows in South Africa, and then we’re going to go to Russia next month to play with Enthroned” ~ Heine Van Der Walt (vocals/guitar, Boargazm)

The quirky-themed metal band, but by no means to be scoffed at beyond their science fiction orientated menagerie, are in fact dead serious. With an ever-increasing international footprint, already spanning two continents following tours to Ecuador and Kenya no less, Boargazm are spreading South African metal much like the post ‘aporkalyptic’ plague described in their debut album with cloven hooves now stretched out towards North-East Europe. Heine told us that upon their return from a tour in Russia, the remainder of the year will be spent “back at the drawing board”, with big plans for 2016.

“We’ve already written a batch of new songs. Next year we’re going to release a new album, and also introduce a whole new level of stage production as well.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

If you are situated in ‘the Mother City’, then don’t miss your last opportunity for many months to come, and get out to one of this weekend’s Boargazm shows. Friday night, 21 August, Boargazm will appear at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville, hosted by To The Stage with Conduit, With Dawn, OhGod and Subject To Slaughter (event page here); followed by Saturday night at ROAR in Cape Town alongside Infanteria, The Warinsane and Rukuz (event page here).

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Photograph by Chris Preyser photography