Boargazm / NervoChaos: uniting continents

Boargazm - Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography
BOARGAZM ~ Photo Copyright: Henk Steyn Photography

The ever enterprising South African metal band Boargazm have recently announced their next international project. The Pretoria based self-proclaimed “intergalactic space metal” band will be joining forces with Brazillian eclectic extreme metallers, NervoChaos, and hosting the visitors on a Southern African tour in early 2016.

“When we recently toured Russia with Enthroned, we co-supported with NervoChaos. And then we also did a few extra gigs with them. We instantly hit it off with the guys, and they are a bunch of real fun guys to be around. We pitched the idea of an exchange tour and we were both in the same boat immediately.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt (vocals / guitar, Boargazm)

As alluded to in his statement, Heini confirmed that plans are afoot for Boargazm to also visit Brazil with NervoChaos as their hosts, with details to be announced soon. Boargazm are no strangers to traveling abroad – even to South America – having already performed in Ecuador, but also in nations closer to home such as Botswana, Mozambique, and Kenya; and others as far off as Latavia, Estonia, and Russia. As far as we know, this makes Boargazm one of the South African metal bands with the largest international footprint in the last decade, along with the likes of Forever Will Burn who toured with Sepultura in 2007 (see article here).

The tour will be hosted nationally by Johannesburg-based Emalyth and kicks off in Johannesburg on 28 January, 2016. It will then make it’s way to Botswana before returning to Pretoria-North at Emalyth‘s annual Arts Expo and then heading towards Pietermaritzburg before beginning the coastal leg from Durban to East London, Port Elizabeth, and concluding with a few shows in Cape Town on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of February. More details, dates, and updated information can be found at the official facebook event page.

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