Bottom Feeder: self-titled debut album out now

Bottom Feeder 2017 self titled

Cape Town, South Africa: Powerviolence sensation Bottom Feeder, which hit the local live scene running since late 2016, has released it’s debut album tonight; the self-titled Bottom Feeder.

With the entire listening experience clocking it at just shy of 10 minutes, Bottom Feeder is to-the-point if not abrupt, and it certainly shouldn’t require more time to complete the task as advised by the band:

“Play it loud, and break something in the process.” ~ Bottom Feeder (facebook)

The short songs are one of those elements which characterize the genre of Powerviolence – a sub-derivative of Grindcore.

“But unlike grindcore, Powerviolence draws more influence from Punk and Hardcore making the music a bit more bearable to most” ~ Francois Laubscher (guitar, Bottom Feeder)

Bottom Feeder was recorded and mixed locally at D.D.M Studios by Devon Martindale of Punk Rock band Crossfire Collision before shipping of to Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in the US for mastering. The voice of Adri Jordaan (The Warinsane) also guests alongside the band’s own Scott Miller on ‘Vanisher’, with cover art delivered by Gabriele James.

Capetownians can catch Bottom Feeder live at‘s WinterFest’17 on 29 July where we showcase local talent of the heavier variety. The band will be making announcements for other dates to promote the album.

Yeah we mastered it with Brad Boatright at Audiosiege records in the US who’s worked with some great bands like sleep and nails.

The songs are short because it’s powerviolence simply ?
Powerviolence (PV) is a subgenre of grindcore, which is known for its short songs but unlike grindcore, pv draws more influence from punk and hardcore making the music a bit more bearable to most

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