Bovem: first single from Ominous Dawn released

Bovem 2017 Ominous Dawn album art

Alexandria, Egypt: local blackened death metal band Bovem have released the first single with ‘Cryptic Desolation of Chaos’ from their Ominous Dawn debut album expected early in 2017. The release follows shortly after the band securing a new vocalist with Mohamed Safwat.

“The idea for ‘Cryptic Desolation of Chaos’ was made by chance. We were jamming two older tracks and suddenly we started writing something weird which came from our feeling of hate and disgust for what’s happening around us; especially the ‘religious’ part of this world. So we decided to make a concept album which is talking about how the world will vanish according to our imaginations based on ancient Egyptian writings. ‘Cryptic Desolation of Chaos’ is the part of our story which represents what happens after that war between gods themselves, idols and humans, and the desolation after this.” ~ Ahmed Samy (drums, Bovem)

Ahmed tells us that for the album, Bovem are tracking guitars and bass themselves in Alexandria, but vocals are being done at Ganoub Studio in Cairo, closer to vocalist Mohamed’s home. Mixing and mastering is being handled by Rami Mohamed, also known as guitarist for Excimer, and the album artwork by Nada Mohamed.

Apart from the album, we are also told that fans can expect a live video from Bovem‘s latest performance at Walls Of Death festival which took place recently.

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