Brood Of Hatred Announce Release Date and Pre-Sales

Brood Of Hatred - Skinless Agony

The Tunisian metal front is stealing the news lately! Brood Of Hatred‘s debut full-length album Skinless Agony is set to be released by Norwegian label, Crime Records in Europe on 10 March with USA and other nations to follow soon. Pre-sales of the album have been invited, and already a few enticing reviews have come to surface across the web.

Skinless Agony is simply a glance of what Brood Of Hatred are able to give. It’s a continuity of the first EP New Order Of Intelligence as, in Brood Of Hatred, every piece is related to each other in some way. We filled this album with the amount of emotions that led us to do something magic and satisfying for us as artists. It came through from very hard work in very tough conditions; a condition that created an emotional coma and led to a very powerful record that we are just satisfied and excited for the world to hear and interact with it.” ~ Muhammed Mêlki (Vocals & Bass)

The band, formed in 2010, released their New Order Of Intelligence EP in 2012, and the release of a full length has since been widely anticipated. Their music has been described in media as death metal with a powerful atmospheric element.

You can pre-order Skinless Agony from Crime Records official website here!

Watch the video trailer for Skinless Agony below and keep an eye out for our review, coming soon!

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