Build Your Scene: S02E02 delivered

Build Your Scene - Work Together

South Africa’s favourite local metal/underground-orientated podcast has delivered their second episode Work Together from their second season of Build Your Scene, featuring guests and new music.

This episode is presented by Nathan ‘Nate’ McClure and Gareth Howard, plus features as ‘Scene Builders Spotlight’ the legendary Niel Walters, long-time resident sound engineer at Cape Town’s ROAR venue and various festivals. Bands interviewed include Gauteng’s State Society and Helderberg’s Imperial Destruction. Songs are ‘A Friend In The Eyes Of Chaos’ by Betray The Emissary, ‘Omega’ by Subject To Slaughter, ‘Beautiful Day’ by State Society, ‘Photon Phantom’ by The Alpha Sequence and ‘Like Wolves That Bare Their Teeth’ plus ‘The Enemy Within’ by Imperial Destruction.

Commentary on this episode also tells a little bit about the people’s perspective on M4A‘s own SummerFest’16 concert held on 30 January 2016.

Get ready for Build Your Scene‘s own first concert to be hosted on 18 March, titled We Came To Build 2016, and is focused on introducing a high quality concert intended specifically for all-age access. For full details, see our previous article here, or visit the official facebook event page.

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