Build Your Scene: S02E04 delivered

Build Your Scene s02e04 image

Cape Town, South Africa: the podcasters at Build Your Scene have delivered the fourth episode of their second season over the weekend.

Delivering this month’s news and views are presenters Kyle Puller, back in the drivers seat, along with his cohort Nathan McClure. They discuss the outcomes of various all-age alternative shows recently taken place in the city, along with their newscast, guests, and other regular features. Special guests for this episode are Paul Blom of industrial band Terminatryx and South African metal classic V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction) fame, plus a venture into the realm of drumstep/dubstep with scene-leader Grimehouse. Featured songs are ‘Religion’ by V.O.D, ‘Medusa’ and ‘Ontvlugting’ by Terminatryx and ‘Wasting Time’ by Grimehouse. Featured songs from other artists also include ‘Thoth’ by Bombs And Issues and ‘Something Sick’ by Riddlebreak from Johannesburg, plus ‘Photon Phantom’ by The Alpha Sequence from Cape Town.

In this episode, Build Your Scene focus on diversity and ‘bridge’ genres, emphasizing that exploration in music is a journey rather than a destination no matter what a person’s current preferences may be.

This latest episode can be downloaded via the podcast’s own website or streamed via their soundcloud page.

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