Build Your Scene: S02E06 delivered

Build Your Scene S02E06

Cape Town, South Africa: Our favourite local podcasters, Build Your Scene, have released their final episode for the current season this weekend. This also marks the opening of a new chapter for the project as they refine their method and approach, whereby they say that the future of the podcast will lay in shorter episodes and more of them.

This finale is hosted by ‘anchorman’ Kyle Puller and his cohort Nathan McClure. The theme of the show is “Good vs. Great” and seems to be aimed at developing a discerning attitude towards setting standards in which there is always room for improvement and higher aspirations.

Guests include Adriano Rodrigues and Clinton Watts. Adriano is lead guitarist at Infanteria and lead-writer behind Zombies Ate My Girlfriend who are off to Wacken Open Air festival in 2016 to represent South Africa in the finals of the global Wacken Metal Battle. Clinton Watts is the proprietor at Watts Productions (worked with the likes of Climate Control, Bombs and Issues, Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Truth And It’s Burden and others) and talks a little about the attitude behind getting a great product out.

Featured songs are ‘Division’ by Animus Fall, ‘Thoth’ by Bombs and Issues, ‘Jahan’ and ‘Retrocide’ by Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, ‘Perfect Sense Makes None At All’ by One Day Sky and ‘Practice What You Preach’ by One Eight Seven.

Apart from the regular news feature, there is also a shout-out by Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory following their South African tour dates hosted by Witchdoctor Productions.

This latest episode can be downloaded via the podcast’s own website or streamed via their soundcloud page.

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