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Bulletscript 2016 primordial

Cape Town, South Africa: local metal band Bulletscript are poised to release the first single off of their forthcoming debut full length album. The song, ‘Primordial’, will become available on 25 October and has already set tongues wagging about the South African Wacken Metal Battle finalist and metal powerhouse band, and the long-awaited arrival of an album to follow up their 2014 EP, Knotted. We pursued Bulletscript for some comment on the upcoming album, towards which the ‘Primordial’ single will mark as a significant milestone.

“2016 has been quite an exciting and fairly busy year on our side, featuring some highlights which include co-headlining M4A‘s WinterFest’16 and performing at the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa national finals after a unanimous win at our leg of the battle in Cape Town. We’ve also been very happy concluding endorsement partnerships with Paul Bothner Music, Jackson Guitars, Mapex Drums and Zildjian Cymbals. Further to this, we’ve seen a significant increase in merchandise sales and, for that matter, focused more energy into growing our merch selection over the last couple of months. With only a handful of shows remaining in 2016, we’re very focused and excited to finish up the writing and pre-production processes so we can back into studio and start recording the full length.” ~ Jacques Hugo (guitar, Bulletscript)

With the first “official” single promised for before month’s-end, we could only assume that the whole production process for the coming album has been refined and that the results will have listeners captivated. Jacques confirmed this:

“We’ve spent a fair bit of time this time around focusing on pre-production, essentially emulating the entire recording process. We started by recording a couple of tracks live in the band-room. When we had these, we gave them a good playback and commented on songwriting, tempos, tempo changes, drums, vocals, etc. Once we concluded our initial inputs, we mapped out tempo tracks and recorded all the strings to those tempo tracks. Kyle was up next and tracked midi drums using Roland electric kit courtesy of Paul Bothner Music due having just been burgled a couple of weeks earlier. From there, we re-tracked all the strings to the midi drum tracks.” ~ Jacques Hugo

Bulletscript 2016 press by Laura McC

Jacques credits Devon at DDM Studios for assisting the band with tracking and initial editing before passing over to Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios for the mix and Jocke Skog (Sweden) for the master. The artwork has already enjoyed an earlier reveal, and is the work of Tadas, currently located in Madrid, Spain.

“We’ve also commissioned him to do the artwork for the upcoming album which should make it’s way to us towards the end of the year. In terms of art direction, there’s obviously not too much we can let out of the bag in terms of the concept at this stage, however I think we always enjoy a sense of scale coming through; something that highlights humanity’s insignificance.” ~ Jacques Hugo

Bulletscript have also enlisted the aid of well-liked local photographer Laura McCullagh for other visual-related work, and it is fair to say that with all of this information we are beginning to enjoy a high expectation for the coming album which is forecast for release in mid-2017. Nonetheless, the band can still be caught live on stage for a few shows, including at Nightmare on Station Rd on 29 October, and Facemelt Fest on 03 December that we currently know of. Whilst we patiently await ‘Primordial’, check out the band’s debut EP Knotted.

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