Bulletscript pay debt of promise with ‘We Owe You’

Bulletscript knotted

Signs that Cape Town’s Bulletscript are about to make good on their promise to deliver an EP this year turned very real yesterday with the release of their first singe. Titled ‘We Owe You’, the single reflects the bands musical direction as being decidedly old-school in character; something that anybody who has attended one of their many gigs over the last few years would already appreciate about the band.

“‘We Owe You (Nothing)’ gives way to a doom-laden march against the evils of religious myopia, laying waste to all forms of dogma, and questioning the very fabric that upholds our illusions. The track features a powerful vocal guest appearance by Adam Van Der Riet (Sacraphyx / Pothole) who succeeds in driving the necessary additional nails into the collective coffin.” ~ excerpt from Bulletscript press release

The full EP, titled Knotted, will be launched as a limited edition digipak on 30 August at The United Underground’s fourth annual event at Aandklas in Stellenbosch. The line-up will include Ing, Peasant, and Take Hand. See the official facebook event for full details.

Bulletscript‘s composition of members surrounding founder, guitarist, and writer-in-chief Jacques Hugo (formerly in Pothole) reveals an impressive array of scene veterans; including members originating also from the likes of Lithium, Throatball, Half Price, A Walk With The Wicked and others. The musical style is described by the band as combining that raw groove ethic of groups like Entombed, Sepultura and Pantera, and including the more polished edge of modern outfits like The Haunted and Machine Head. They endeavor to push the envelope with emphasis on solid song writing and intense delivery. The Knotted EP aims to showcase the bands commitment to play metal beyond trends, and with the necessary societal menace, that makes metal the music choice for so many in today’s interesting times.

Bulletscript is a band with a clear message. Open your eyes to the world around you, and question everything, taking nothing, and nobody, for granted. And play some metal while doing it!” ~ excerpt from Bulletscript press release

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