Bulletscript: Primordial single out today

Bulletscript 2016 Primordial single art

Cape Town, South Africa: groove-slathered metal band Bulletscript has released the first official single today off of the forthcoming full length album with ‘Primordial’. With the master arriving in the nick of time from Sweden’s Jocke Skog last night, the band’s front man took a moment to describe his lyrical concept for ‘Primordial’ to us.

“We live in a world of our own chaos. We are told that Man is an advanced being, yet the world we have created tells a different story. If we take the stand that the universe was born and continues to be a perpetual primordial state, then we can start to make sense of the world we live in. Man made, and universal. All is in constant motion and this motion creates everything in the universe. All goals are apparitions and all that is created will be destroyed in time. Everything is temporary. How we deal with this realization, as humans and living beings, defines how we live.” ~ Ian Watson (vocals, Bulletscript)

The delivery of ‘Primordial’ this week coincides with the band’s weekend plans where Bulletscript traditionally gathers forces with cross-genre collaborators Halfprice in a project called United Underground, to host a monsterous Halloween party. This year’s titled Nightmare On Station Road at Trenchtown in Observatory takes a serious change in format by including international visitors Nasty Rumours from Switzerland, along with the usual gathering of in-your-face punk, hardcore, and metal.

Nightmare On Station Road

Line-up includes:

17:00 – Crossfire Collision
18:00 – Subject to Slaughter
18:55 – Alive at Midnight
19:50 – Peasant
20:45 – Nasty Rumours
21:45 – Bulletscript
22:40 – Half Price
23:40 – DevilSpeak

Entrance will cost R60 and the event includes a second stage with punk-folk artists and a mini market. Bulletscript also told us in a previous recent chat that they have got a killer selection of new merchandise on offer. Full event details are available at the official facebook event page. Listen to ‘Primordial’ below to work your appetite.

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Bulletscript 2016 press by Laura McC