Cape bands active in charitable Food Aid drive

The Food Aid

For the common man, perception of the stereotypical black-clad or pierced and tattooed sort is often tainted as some kind of brooding sub-human life form; or just “in need of a ‘snot-klap'”. However, we are equally as human and humane as anybody else, and anybody else is equally as flawed as us too; though we’re probably identified as so because we’re more willing to wear our hearts on our sleeves than most others are. In a dazzling display of humanity, there are a couple of Cape bands – spearheaded by Take Hand – who are rallying to an ongoing and noble cause: Food Aid. This has attracted our view to look at some of the good that ‘underground sub-cultures’ are willing to do in the world around us, indicating that we do in fact have a moral compass and take social responsibilities seriously.

Cape Town hardcore band, Take Hand, combines a number of scene veterans from the underground scene and a different outlook towards being creators of music. Whilst many believe that creating the music of their choice is a right, and one to which they should be entitled to earn a living, Take Hand appear to take the stance whereby being able to express themselves in their chosen creative outlet is rather a privilege, and one with which comes a responsibility.

The Food Aid Started in 2012 when Take Hand started. We felt as a band we wanted to make a difference in the community and not just play shows for the sake of making music, but also try to help people in need and create a platform for the local music fans to reach out and get involved.” ~ JJ van Rooyen (vocals, Take Hand)

Members of the still relatively new Take Hand are no strangers to the music industry, however, having experience from previous bands and they understand some of the “rules” that go with the territory.

“I realized we will not make money in this genre so why don’t we rather use the band to help people as we could. Almost like mediators… you can donate food or clothing at shows and we will take it to the people in need. The aim is to make this a standard practice in the underground music scene and not just a Take Hand thing. Every show we organize ourselves will have The Food Aid initiative behind it.” ~ JJ van Rooyen

For the coming show, dubbed Insurgence Part II and taking place on 17 October at ROAR near Cape Town, Take Hand will be joined by the melodically inspiring Animus Fall and an even newer name on the scene, I Became Nothing (see previous article here), bringing a nice mix of underground sounds with hardcore and metal elements to a night of high octane entertainment. A member of I Became Nothing brought the show to our attention, saying:

Take hand are very keen for The Food Aid to stretch beyond being just their initiative, and for other bands to get involved as well. Hence, they were very excited when I Became Nothing decided to join in the movement with the show they are planning.” ~ Wade Profe (vocals, I Became Nothing)

For other stories on metalheads and friends taking some initiative, read about Infurno which supports the realm of animals in need (here), plus the M.A.X Campaign where support is offered to victims of xenophobic attacks (here). Further details on the Insurgence Part II show can be found via the official facebook event page, and see some pictures from previous Food Aid drives here.

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