Cape Town Metal Bands get behind Motorcycle Tragedy Benefit


A fundraiser has been declared in order to donate to the family of motorcyclist and metalhead Bertus “Banana”, who succumbed to his injuries following a serious collision in September. Five metal bands have stepped up to the cause, including a range from new to old. Among those newer to the scene include Imperial Destruction and All Guns Full Ammo, with Sindulgence bridging the gap towards scene oldies Mind Assault and ING.

“We wanted to get a line-up for this fundraiser of bands which Bertus would like. There were some other bands we would have liked, but these were top choice and we are happy they all agreed to play” ~ Riaan Van Eck (friend & fundraiser organiser, Metal Heads United)

Riaan heads up his own organisation known as Metal Heads United, and is well-known and well-liked in the local scene. He has been a driving force behind supportive initiatives of all sorts, including having meaningfully (financially) helped a number of Cape Town acts with tour and merchandise projects; not to mention being braai-master extraordinaire at the “metal braai’s” hosted by both metal4africa at RAMfest CT and Antonio Manuel (ROAR / Gandalf’s owner) at Trenchtown. This man is a giver and we encourage other givers to rally to his call.

The event will take place on 06 December at Sparrows Tavern on Sir Lowry’s Pass Road between the N2 Highway and Gordons Bay. The venue was chosen as being a local favourite, also known to host some metal shows in the area previously. With funding for the basics of the event already secured privately, all monies taken on the night and in the raffle which leads up to the date will be handed over to the family of the deceased who face financial hardship after hospital and funeral expenses.

Full details can be found at the facebook event page operated by Metal Heads United, also outlining details into raffle prizes and procedure.