Catch Contrast the Water Before They Head Back to the US

Originally from Durban, playing gigs above the Winston Pub & Burn Night Club, this groove death metal band has been growling its way onto the local metal scene since 2006 and has performed at all the major venues and festivals in South Africa.

Contrast The Water has just returned from a massively successful six month tour of the USA and will be bringing their unique brand of groove death metal to the small town of Margate this April.

They’ve also shared the stage with: Carcass, Blind Guardian, Exodus, Possessed, Sacred Reich, D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), Attitude Adjustment, Death Angel, Forbidden, Heathen, ABSU, Warbringer, Hatchet, Bonded By Blood, Witchhaven, Bell Witch, Mandoza, Cursed, Cultural Warfare, Locust Furnace, Enemy In Peril, Recoil vor, Infernal Stronghold, Embryonic Devourment, Mudface, Ensiferum, Becoming The Archetype, and many more.

Contrast The Water was nominated for the SA MusicReview’s Artist Of The Year 2012, and won the second place silver medal, pitted against mainstream bands like Mark Haze (gold medalist), and Van Coke Kartel (bronze medalist).

During the weekend of Africa Bike Week 2012 this awesome band will perform at Backline Night Club on the 29th April at 9pm. This will be Contrast the Water‘s last gig in SA before leaving for yet another tour of the USA.

South Coast Live & Backline Night Club are offering special tickets for pre-booking. R60 at the door, pre-booked tickets R40 at the door if you bring your special reference.

[To get your special pre-booked tickets: send an email to us at [email protected] requesting your PRE BOOKING CONTRAST THE WATER ticket, we will email you your reference number which will be on the door list.]