Chaos Doctrine: a new ‘Cult’ emerges in RSA

Chaos Doctrine 2017 press image

Johannesburg, South Africa: metal band Chaos Doctrine, with roots we can trace to 2010 and a previous band called DedX, has introduced itself by releasing it’s first single ‘Cult’ from a forthcoming album expected later in 2017.

“Chaos Doctrine’s style screams aggression in the form of old school metal: their roots in classic thrash and death metal are apparent. However, they manage to blend newer waves of extreme metal into their music effortlessly, resulting in a sound that is very fresh, yet also very familiar. The guitar riffs are heavy and punchy, the vocals extreme in all directions, and the foundation of bass and drums is utterly unshakeable. To this classic mix they add exciting arrangements of keys, samples and loops to give the track that final touch.” ~ Chaos Doctrine press release

The band, although new to listeners, consists entirely of scene veterans with many years of collective song writing and performance experience. Including members Dr D on vocals and and guitarist Ray Pendlebury both previously from DedX as well as Malachi, and Phil Carstens also of DedX on bass and backing vocals; the new band is completed by the legendary Alec Surridge on guitar, formerly of Cape Town’s Sacraphyx (1993-2006) and a former founding member of The Warinsane (which has just this weekend passed returned from hiatus).

With the release of ‘Cult’, Chaos Doctrine has announced plans for a full album release later this year, with tracking currently taking place at Be Sharp Studios in South Africa, and mastering to take place at an as yet undisclosed studio in Sweden. There is also talk of the band arriving into the live circuit sometime around mid-2017.

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