Chaos Doctrine: My Demise Pt II: The Rage

Chaos Doctrine 2018 press image, My Demise Pt II: The Rage

Johannesburg, South Africa: death metal veteran band Chaos Doctrine delivers another aural blow today with ‘My Demise Pt II: The Rage’. This marks the fourth pre-release from Chaos Doctrine‘s self-titled debut album which should arrive in full by mid-2018.

My Demise Pt II: The Rage

Chaos Doctrine has had our ear since the arrival of it’s first single, ‘Cult’, in April 2017. Sinister song titles are affirmed by equally chilling lyrics, as a band member introduces us to the context of this latest offering:

“‘My Demise’ is a two part epic depicting the systematic decay of a human mind;starting with ‘The Hatred’ (Pt I) and culminating in ‘The Rage’ (Pt II). The speed and lyrical content of Pt II works together to create the sense of a frantic lust for violence:

‘Hell is coming and it’s wearing my face, I’m your God in this Chaos Age’, ‘Take a look, do you like what you see – Chaos Doctrine, Hate Eternally’.

This is woven together by samples from the Hellraiser movies, and carefully selected video footage which reflects a fragile state of mind that has gone beyond its breaking point.” ~ Dr D (Vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

Metal is Aggression

Many extreme metal bands in the South African frame of reference over the last few years have found mastery over the genre, technically speaking; Chaos Doctrine, however, aims to revisit the primal roots of brutal music. This is a facet of the Metal genre which finds itself overshadowed in more recent times.

“For Chaos Doctrine, metal is aggression. Everything we produce conveys this. Our sound is the result of combining the raw power of classic metal like Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, and Meshuggah with the modern edge of bands such as Machine Head and Lamb of God, and the industrial sound of the likes of Ministry, White Zombie and Psyclon Nine. Our lyrical content explores the shadow of the human condition: instability, hatred, brutality, decay. And our approach is unrelenting – fueled by rage and void of message or apology.” ~ Dr D

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