Chaos Doctrine: New single, Father Grigori, out today

Father Grigori

Johannesburg, South Africa: metal gets a heavy dose of sinister with the release of ‘Father Grigori’, the latest single from the masters of thrash metal, Chaos Doctrine. The name of the band itself – a doctrine of chaos – conjures up what they’re all about. ‘Father Grigori’ is no exception to the brutal style of the band. 

Excitement levels in the Metal4Africa camp have peaked with the release of this single. We can now expect the imminent release of the new album – their sophomore following their self-titled 2018 debut. With this solid release of Chaos Doctrine, this band managed to get a serious nod from the metal community and they were shortlisted for a number of South African Metal Music Awards

Father Grigori: a “great man of divinity”

Father Grigori Rasputin is a murky figure in history. He was a controversial figure who charmed the Russian Tsar and became a man of influence in politics. The infamous monk and healer was assassinated just before the Romanov dynasty was destroyed in 1916, an intriguing turn of events which Chaos Doctrine have used as the basis for this song.  

“Father Grigori is the first track we write in a biographical fashion. Rasputin was a huge figure, his reputation will live on in infamy for at least another 100 years, and we wanted to capture that darkness in this track- not just lyrically, but also musically.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

New members, new sound

Chaos Doctrine fly the flag of metal purity in South Africa, having solidly grounded their music in the Thrash and Industrial genres. With ‘Father Grigori’ they experiment with melodic roots and the songwriting talent of a new member, veteran guitarist Alec Surridge. He also happens to be mastering the new album as we speak. He joined Chaos Doctrine last year, together with new drummer, Rory Townes, following the loss of founding member, Ray, and drummer Ralph.

“Father Grigori is the first track Surridge mixed and mastered for the band. It came out at such a high quality that we decided he will do the whole album for us. We see it as a step up in the quality of our product – essential to support how big the song is.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

Keeping it inhouse

Because he owns his own studio, Surridge allows the band more freedom to craft their sound without time pressures, and the song really benefits from this. It is well-mastered and expansive, hinting at the industrial sound that may come to characterise their sound. Only time with tell.

He is not the only member who brings extra talent. The lyric video for ‘Father Grigori’ was created by bassist and backing vocalist, Phil Carstens and its a visual feast of menace and intrigue.


We expect great things from the Johannesburg four-piece, whose intellect and instincts we admire. With the new lineup and the independence to do whatever they want with their sound and style, they are sure to bring more of a creative spirit to the metal community. 

According to the band, we can expect another single in two month’s time. In the meantime, get a taste of the sanctimonious evil of of ‘Father Grigori’ on all major music streaming sites.