Chaos Doctrine: self-titled debut album out now

Chaos Doctrine 2018 album cover

Johannesburg, South Africa: armed with a powerful debut single, Chaos Doctrine signaled a great red blip on our metal radar in April last year. Our interest was captured and has been held fast since, with consequent singles and videos leading to today’s launch of Chaos Doctrine, the band’s self titled debut album.

It’s a Chaos Doctrine

Not only does Chaos Doctrine thrill our aural senses with a modern and ‘metalized’ take on 90’s alternative sensibilities; but also tickles deeply at our intellectual fancies. As we metalheads tend to so deeply enjoy, the band’s content and visual direction is highly thematic. We inquired into this aspect of the album artwork, which seems to blend classic Renaissance-styled imagery into a gritty modern context:

“The figure in a statue is Moses, the Father of Doctrine. This depiction is Michelangelo’s, found in Rome in the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, outside the tomb of Pope Julius II. Obviously, he has been altered to reflect not only the chaos, but also the dark industrial inherent to our music. The rest of the surroundings depict a dystopic wasteland, or the result of blindly following doctrine. If you look carefully, the chaos symbol and our sigil appears in a few places.” ~ Phil Carstens (bass guitar/graphic artist, Chaos Doctrine)

We were told that the tracks FTG and Cult on the album best reflect this “grit”.

“My Demise – both Parts I and II – in turn, was written to capture the warping mind in response to this ‘chaos doctrine’. We as modern human beings keep clinging on to an old belief systems even though we can clearly see what effect it has all around us. We refuse to accept reality because it is dark. Our eyes are blinded by the pretty things and shiny lights in life, while everything around us is rotting away. Modern society has seen image replacing true existence.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

Live launch, and Chaos Doctrine in hard copy

Consisting of stalwarts from the generations where tangible things mattered, Chaos Doctrine is going all out. For those who wish to possess the album in hard copy, get that sack of bones to Rumours Rock City tomorrow night. The album will be live launched at the Emalyth‘s Big Day Out II concert, with hard copies available for purchase. Dr D encourages physical participation in the launch too:

“Chaos Doctrine is fundamentally geared toward being a live band. If you have seen us perform, you will know we offer a lot in the way of a stage show. For Saturday, however, we have one or two surprises lined up – including a bit more theatrics than usual and perhaps even a guest artist. You will have to be there to see it though – we are not giving anything away quite yet!” ~ Dr D

For those of us in distant cities, Chaos Doctrine is now available on all major digital platforms. Seek and enjoy!

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